Melt away worries

We were tasked with launching Minirin MELT, an innovative dosing format, for the
treatment of bedwetting amongst children above the age of 5 years.
In India, bedwetting is not treated as a serious condition. Parents and doctors feel that the
a child will grow out of the habit of bedwetting as he/she grows older.
However, bedwetting can have an underlying psychological cause and there is a huge trauma
for the child associated with it.
The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness regarding the emotional turmoil the
a child suffering from bedwetting goes through and how Minirin MELT can ‘Meltaway
worries’ associated with it.
We set out to melt away worries with Minirin MELT by:
•Using the damp mark as the brand visual
•Showing the child’d worries through different situations depicted in the damp mark
•Created bedwetting clinics
•Innovative doctor office communication
•Launch of MELT app through a animated explainer video
The results speak for themselves
The work done for Minirin MELT got ‘Best Marketing Promotional Material Award’ and
‘Brand Excellence Award’ from Global and AsiaPAC Marketing Director.