Senior Director Multi Specialty, Ferring India

During the past 4 years Peepal Tree has been providing strategic and creative inputs for Minirin (Ferring’s brand of Desmopressin).During this tenure Ferring India received several accolades from the APAC senior management and Global brand teams of Ferring for the creatives developed for market creation of Nocturia and bed wetting. Ferring’s association with Peepal Tree was very fruitful. Peepal Tree was chosen by Ferring India to launch line extensions of Minirin called as Minirin Melt 60mcg and 120mcg. The creatives developed by Peepal Tree for the launch of Melt formulations were highly appreciated by senior management. We also acknowledge the on time delivery of the creatives and the professionalism demonstrated by the team. Minirin a stagnant brand till 2013, has made a significant turnaround and delivered a 3 years CAGR of 21% with a sales of 1.5 Mn Euro and the Melt formulation contributing to 20% of the total revenue.We look forward to your continued support towards market creation of Bed Wetting and Nocturia.