Managing Director Nijji Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Ex. Chief of Project, DAZT, FHI360)

I think the thrilling factors of working with Peepal Tree were real partnering, creativity and on time delivery of given tasks. In fact for FHI 360 DAZT, I remember that Peepal Tree really partnered well for such vast level of work and apart from many global recognitions and publications the project is till date remembered for it’s vibrant IEC materials and creative communication. I would certainly expect the same level of partnering from your end on future projects, where the work eventually would be larger in volume and would involve huge ATL, BTL activities including media, digital marketing and even ad films. I am confident that Peepal Tree has the ability to deliver all these but needless to mention, I am a choosy customer and would not approve the work till it achieves perfection.