We strive to strengthen brand-consumer connects by driving the brands to be socially conscious and deliver a higher purpose based on values of authenticity.


We are a bunch of competent in-house experts known to blend your brand’s needs with our experience to streamline insights into ideas of purpose that form meaningful brand-consumer connects. Our team is our backbone who works relentlessly to produce strategically relevant outcomes for your brand.

our difference

Strategically aligned creative expressions.
Industrial and technological proficiency. Research and comprehension. Strategic thinking - the core of our organization.
Transforming conventional thoughts to contemporary ideas and distinct expressions. Innovative thinking - the reason our clients come back. The path to progress is effective differentiation, derived from a passion-driven perspective to offer value-added services and solutions that influence brands to be distinct, relevant and resilient.






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the team

The team at Peepal Tree Advertising comprises of a bunch of mavericks with a diverse set of skills driven by a common purpose of giving back more than they receive to make the future a bit better may it be in the form of planting trees, caring for senior citizens, being the eyes of those who can't see or building brands with a conscience.

Our Work


Changing behavior

Adiatri Heathcare

Auto Mate

Standing out in a cluttered market

Channel Zing


Road to the top was difficult but we would not be here without all the companies that trusted us. We would like to say thank you so much!


The best stories are those that really happened.

During the past 4 years Peepal Tree has been providing strategic and creative inputs for Minirin (Ferring’s brand of Desmopressin).During this tenure Ferring India received several accolades from the APAC senior management and Global brand teams of Ferring for the creatives developed for market creation of Nocturia and bed wetting. Ferring’s association with Peepal Tree was very fruitful. Peepal Tree was chosen by Ferring India to launch line extensions of Minirin called as Minirin Melt 60mcg and 120mcg. The creatives developed by Peepal Tree for the launch of Melt formulations were highly appreciated by senior management. We also acknowledge the on time delivery of the creatives and the professionalism demonstrated by the team. Minirin a stagnant brand till 2013, has made a significant turnaround and delivered a 3 years CAGR of 21% with a sales of 1.5 Mn Euro and the Melt formulation contributing to 20% of the total revenue.We look forward to your continued support towards market creation of Bed Wetting and Nocturia.

Senior Director Multi Specialty, Ferring India

I think the thrilling factors of working with Peepal Tree were real partnering, creativity and on time delivery of given tasks. In fact for FHI 360 DAZT, I remember that Peepal Tree really partnered well for such vast level of work and apart from many global recognitions and publications the project is till date remembered for it’s vibrant IEC materials and creative communication. I would certainly expect the same level of partnering from your end on future projects, where the work eventually would be larger in volume and would involve huge ATL, BTL activities including media, digital marketing and even ad films. I am confident that Peepal Tree has the ability to deliver all these but needless to mention, I am a choosy customer and would not approve the work till it achieves perfection.

Managing Director Nijji Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Ex. Chief of Project, DAZT, FHI360)

I want to thank Peepal Tree for 2 projects performed for Almea. I really appreciate your work, everything was delivered as scheduled and helpful in understanding the Indian market. Thanks guys!

CEO, Almea Ltd (Xlash Cosmetics) UK

Peepal Tree is dynamic and a very enthusiastic agency. I had the opportunity to interact and get some of my KBL Service bulletins/brochures executed through them. Peepal Tree team comprises of attentive listeners, clear-thinkers and always creative-minded to accept new challenges and take initiatives and looks for new ways to get involved. They have an impressive understanding and in-depth of knowledge. They exhibit time-bounded responsibility, follow directions and work actively towards completing the work assigned. Overall in one simple sentence, I would say Peepal Tree’s strength /growth and success lies in its core leadership team. Cheers for their success and future growth.

Divisional Manager,Engineered Service Division Kirloskar Brothers Limited


Look at us for long-term associations, collaborations and careers. We look forward to connecting with you.


C- 13, Shreyas Apartments,
1082,Ganeshkhind Road, Shivajinagar, Pune- 411016

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